Engineering & Technical center consists of Mechanical Design Dpt., Simulation Dpt., Automation Dpt., Proposal Dpt. and CBWEEAIM, over 200 people totally. We have gathered large quantities of outstanding technical talents. 104 employees with experience more than 10 years, 74 employees more than 15 years, 30 employees more than 20 years and 6 employees more than 25 years. The technical employees engaged into engineering proposal, project management, mechanical, automation, simulation and on-site support exceeds 80% of the total of company.

In the beginning of 2021, the CBWEE Academy of Intelligent Manufacturing (shorted as CBWEEAIM) has been set up. It ranges three phases for talents training including Lanpu, Qingpu and Huangpu, respectively for the training of practical talents, technical experts and technical management. This will help a lot for the talents pool to be used for CBWEE future development. 

  • 350+
    Total Staff
  • 18%
    Employees from Business Division Management Center and Technical & Innovation Center work more than 10 years in total of 201
  • 59%
    Fitters, electricians and measurement engineers work more than 10 years in total of 99
Cooperative Cases


To provide clients with a basket of engineering and design services available for flexible selection and combination to the extent to furtherly meet various demands happening at different life cycle stages.


Turnkey project, quality tracking services after equipment delivery, simultaneous engineering supports at engineering & planning stage, independent design, simulation and on-site installation and commissioning services.